Technical Drawings
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Sleeve type individual friction winding shaft
NSE-1200PP equipped with a machine of NISHIBE KIKAI CO.,LTD.
3 inches flange type
6 inches type air supplied through inner shaft
6 inches type P-100922 air supplied through outer side
P-100513-1 Standard air pressure board
(1) A sleeve-type is standard specification with this individual frictional winding shaft. Therefore, it can be set up easily if the core shaft of ΓΈ40mm polished steel. The sleeve type can move sidlingly.

(2) The shaft can adapt with most of slitters regardless of the manufacture generation. Although the machine is old, with this shaft, the rewound product has beautiful end face and stable winding tightness which the latest equipment makes.

(3) In the change of in-use leaf spring suspension type frictional winding ring, it is fine to only change with this product. The core shaft, torque board, and coil spring can be used as is. The size of product is precise.

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