Individual frictional winding shaft & Frictional winding ring
Slitter winding shaft is available for all sheets.


Simple mechanism & New material use
to obtain stable individual tension

1. Compose it with the powerof two systems. Strong lock & PAT.side pressure air pressure type that many steel balls are set in the
condition of the roll.

2. The tension range from min. to max. is wide span. (1 pitch tension
2N~55N/diameter100mm). (see a reference below)

3. Scratch inside of paper pipe isn't made. Paper powder doesn't arise.

(The most advantage of steel ball type)

4. Excellent productivity can provide. The rewound product can be taken out easily as sliding it on steel balls.

5. Piece width is free to select. The standard size is 3 inch. (i.e. ø40mm, 2inch, 4inch, 5inch, and 6inch can be produced)

6. There is automatic taper tension function. The exchange of signal is unnecessary. Without adjustable speed motor, it is fine if there are power clutch and precise pressure reducing valve. There is a type with un-lock.

7. There is actual result that the size of core shaft is until ø60mm in shaft diameter and 2,660mm in shaft length for 3 inch paper tube.

8. Dust cleaning function equipped product,
For special clean room specification, it is a simple method to take up dust by vacuum from some holes of the hollow core shaft. It is fine to use a vacuum cleaner for home. For the continuance, it is connected to intake side of turbo fan of approximate 200W. However, it is required to adjust air pressure inside of the clean room.
The function is optional. We can introduce an fan manufacturer.

The above photo : A type of individual frictional winding shaft

(1) A sleeve-type is standard specification with this individual frictional winding shaft. Therefore, it can be set
up easily if the core shaft of ø40mm polished steel. (See detail drawing in the contact site)

(2) The shaft can adapt with most of slitters regardless of the manufacture generation. Although the machine is old, with this shaft, the rewound product has beautiful end face and stable winding tightness which the latest equipment makes.

(3) In the change of in-use leaf spring suspension type frictional winding ring, it is fine to only change with this product. The core shaft, torque board, and coil spring can be used as is. The size of product is precise.

(4) The Challenge of low price : The mechanism is simple in order to acheive low price. In the change of the leaf spring suspension type, the frictional winding ring that can be provided individually makes the cost at a low price.
The maintenance is rarely required. It is easy to take out a product and paper powder isn't generated.

(5) In the slitting work of large item small volume production until introducing the latest slitter, the individual frictional winding shaft and the single frictional winding ring are paid attension. They surely contribute to the improvement of productivity. (Photo 1)

(6) They contribute to the profit improvement of the slit converting technology.

  <<< Photo 1 (left): Single frictional winging ring (3 inch in diameter, 25mm in
width, 40mm in shaft diameter

The list of frictional winding rings and its movement can be seen
from this site.


  Main applications
   Addition of the frictional winding functionability of in-use slitter and upgrade of thewinding functionavility.
•Change the in-use leaf spring suspension type frictional winding ring to the ball-lock type.
•Introduction at the frictional winding shaft part of new slitter. (Specially popular to sleeve type)
•Use the frictional winding rings at parts of rewinding •unwinding •shaft of packaging machine and bag making machine.
•Introduction to high speed slitting machine. (Automatic attaching and removing frictional winding shaft)
•Half cutting of automatic turret rewinding machine ~ the frictional rewinding shaft for 4 lanes slitting
Turret type rewinding machine of film •sheet extrusion machine. Automatic attaching and removing frictional rewinding shaft for rewound sheet after slitting through accumulator

    Individual frictional winding shaft
    1 pitch 15mm (7.5mm+7.5mm)
   The shaft introduced the frictional winding rings
    1 pitch 45mm

Individual air frictional winding shaft
MPa  N-Cm
40mm  1Pitch
Air Pressure
90φmm TensionKgf
0.02 12 0.3
0.03 19 0.4
0.04 25 0.6
0.05 35 0.8
0.06 42 0.9
0.07 48 1.1
0.08 55 1.3
0.09 65 1.4
0.10 71 1.6
0.12 88 2.0
0.14 105 2.3
0.16 120 2.4
Individual air frictional winding shaft
MPa  N-Cm
40mm  1Pitch

Air Pressure
90φmm Tension Kgf
0.18 134 3.0
0.20 142 3.4
0.22 164 3.6
0.24 180 4.0
0.26 194 4.4
0.28 209 4.6
0.30 224 5.0
0.32 239 5.3
0.34 254 5.6
0.36 268 6.0
0.38 283 6.3
0.40 299 6.5

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